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HELLO, WE ARE Uberex                        
                        A group of experienced engineers and developers.                        


with the exact same force and scrutiny that Aaron Swartz faced and died of in the previous year in the America, its not one size fits all, the computer misuse law is unfit for purpose or can be easily manipulated. eg example here -


The Computer Misuse Act is from a time when the government was vasty protected by systems that had very little means of authenticating users and allowed for easy access via just an IP address and clicking either OK or Cancel.
35 years imprisonment is a very harsh penalty for a simple mistake. A law not meant for its own citizens but rather outside terrorism. Strip searched, locked in solitary confinement, task forces setup, constant stalking by law enforcement. It is not one size fits all, but this is exactly how black and white this law is. There is no scale, even if proven innocent. The over exertion of power is not what you would expect in a technologically advanced country it happens in United Kingdom, it happens in the United Kingdom

There was no intent, no damage, no harm. In some cases fix times were exaggerated nor would the jury have enough technical knowledge or wouldn't be able to tell the difference between bash and powershell commands aside light asm scripting.
Plenty of IT Specialist Internationally that know the field well enough to realise when an entity is attempting to alter the truth to make their case look good. Seems no sense to have such a high penalty and also make a international joke of your countries cyber skills?

Would you trust a person with out any medical knowledge to make a decision on your life?


This company and it's directors were targeted by Sussex Police Paul Constable and Andy Haslam in 2014


Who have zero understanding of Cyber Security, look at the qualifications between Sussex Police CyberCrime Team and Taz Rider via Linkedin. Taz, who is very information secure, up until this point. Was forced to plead gulity after his freedom was taken away from him, none of the professional at Sussex Police Cyber Crime Team have any computer related degree qualifications. The case kept being extended. Arrested with the wrong name, since adolescence has chosen not to identify, He was in a domestic abuse relationship for 8 years and he was emailing Sussex Police at the time for help


He had reported that Club Revenge was letting in children and at the time he did not know the door staff were ex police officers. Because he was an expert in Cyber Security they deemed him as a threat to national security and kept extending the case which forced him to change his plea. 2 years is a long time.


Uberex was a private cloud, automated, when the police RAIDed they seized devices and broke the network. It would of been hard for anyone to retrieve any information. From 2011 and 2014, Public clouds were not common, we were a first of few. Sussex Police did not understand. They didn't understand OSINT or WhiteHats, Ethical Hackers. Andrew Haslam laughed at the concept. Imagine being called a witch for practising alchemy or early medicine, in the 1600s. Then imagine the police trying to drown you.  


We were the first in 2011 to bring this kind of agency to the public eye and the police was not ready. They often do not have the technical proficiency to react logically and reacted very illogically. Emailing the police for help?!?!


The Revenge Club was found to be letting in children in 2016, Irish and Liz have been sacked from Revenge recently after it was found in 2021 they have been allowing minors into the club and facilitating the sale of drugs to minors as well as getting them into trade. Brighton has a dark sexual history secret, that Sussex Police seems to be part of. MP Peter Kyle agrees with this, check our founders twitter


Sussex Police are not information secure. They have been targeting our founder since 2008
He recently launched this site to tell his story and his working with OpenPolice in collab. To make police accountable for their actions, via legal routes! Every interaction with the police has been analysed in the past 15 years and the data has been used to redesign security measures. Like N0 Data Encryption tools or moving from traditional storage to blockchain, none of these advances could of been researched if it was not for Sussex Police Hostilities


3,000 emails from one email account, with a message that was asking for help? That's not a DDos? We ask you would it take you 11hrs to stop a single IP sending you 3,000 emails? Would you refuse to help a person, and persecute them for 15 years, due to their "occupation" "hacker" it is so misconstrued. What they did was wrong, inhumane and not nice. - Sussex Police didn't understand and they manipulated the minds of those who were taught to obey them. Even now with all the hate. We do not hate them, We understand they lack skill. But placing someone in custody so that your able to study Encase on a live system, isn't fair for any human. No malicious software was ever or will ever be created here.


I designed Open Intelligence software back in 2008 using python, I don't shy away from my identity because I have someone criminal to hide. I'm fully aware what a person of bad intent can do with your name, date of birth, address. I took steps, and I will continue to improve on these steps. I have alot on my plate, identity theft will not be one of them. - Founder

                                        MyPoliceRapport                                         N0 Data Encryption Tool                                  

We set new standards in user experience & make future happen.


We think BIG!


We are a Digital Agency specialising in elite IT solutions.


These services include cyber security, forensics, penetration testing, security analysis, mobile/web/application development and last line support. We've tried our best to make our services accessible to home users as well as businesses. Being a digital agency we are not restricted to location. So no matter where you are in the world, we're always happy to help.

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Our Clients say.

My Facebook and Twitter account was constantly getting hacked into. I couldn't understand what was going on. I had called numerous companies before being referred to Uberex.
Sarah Wayne, Actor
My website kept getting defaced by Hackers. It was becoming a very costly action.
Alex Marsh, Gamespot
I had my phone smashed at a party, I thought I had lost all my data. I was referred to Uberex who recovered all my data.
Ahmed Ali, EF College

Doing awesome stuff on a regular basis, oh yeah!


Penetration testing (also called pen testing) is the practice of testing a computer system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

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      “The Most Sophisticated Android Trojan“.


      Ubuntu Linux is a spyware ?


      Tumblr Worm affects thousands blogs, spam offensive articles


      Team Ghostshell leaks 1.6 million accounts under #ProjectWhiteFox


      Humans the weakest link


    Quick FAQ

                            Aren't Hackers iilegal?                

    Hackers aren't iilegal, Facebook was invented by a hacker and it is a widely used application. Hacking can be used for good intentions aswell much like anything else.


                                        I'm not a geek, I don't understand!                

    We can't all be geeks, don't worry. We're have experience in dealing with non technical personnel. Our service agents will happily answer any questions you may have. We're open 24/7 so you may contact us at anytime.                        

                                        Where are you based?                

    We refer to Uberex as a global entity, we have staff located in nearly every major country. Although have opened a new base in Brighton. Most our customers contact us via email, phone or video call as all our services are digital.                        



    • Zombies
    • AntiVirus
    • Firewalls

    In the old days of slow computing a user could tell if their computer was compromised by it's slow behavior. But with multicore systems, Solid State Drives and beyond 4GB of system memory, it can be difficult to tell if your computer is still YOUR computer without specialist intevention.                        


    Antivirus works similar to your immune system, the antivirus must have the right heuristics. Heuristic refers to experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery. However unlike the immune system which can adapt to cure certain viruses, Antivirus software do not have effective learning capabilities. Keeping your antivirus updated is the best option.                        


    Applications are built for accessibility--57 per cent can bypass security infrastructure (for example, Microsoft SharePoint, Apple Update, and so on)  Proxies, such as Hopster, and remote desk applications, such as LogMeIn, circumvent security controls to be found with 81 per cent and 95 per cent of users respectively, and 92 per cent of users have P2P file sharing and 76 per cent have browser-based file sharing such as YouSendIt.                        


    Threat Types

                            Targeted Malware                

    When malware targets your organization and user base – whether in the form of web injection, session-hijacking, or other methods – the ability to both detect and protect against these malicious attacks in real-time is paramount. And being able to protect your entire user base via a clientless solution becomes all the more critical, particularly given the number of devices from which users transact online, and the level of sophisticated malware zeroing in on each device and operating system type. While detecting the many varieties of targeted malware – whether it be Zeus, Carberp, Citadel, Gozi, SpyEye, Torpig, amongst others – is in many cases achievable by either client-side software or server-side solutions – the ability to meaningfully protect organizations and their entire user base in real-time is still problematic


                                        Zero-day attacks                

    As web and mobile application exploits continue to evolve and proliferate, the need for non-signature-based, clientless solutions is a must, in order to identify and thwart any deviant transmissions between the endpoint and the application in real-time. And given the ever-increasing opportunities by which attakers are able to exploit and infect end-user devices with the very latest malicious code, it underscores the requirement of organizations to ensure that previously-unseen and suspect behavior of any kind can be readily identified and mitigated in real-time.                        

                                        Man-in-the-Browser (MitB)                

    Preying on any number of browser-level exploits, MitB attacks employ a variety of web injection and malicious script injection techniques, ultimately targeting the capture of additional user credentials and authentication information.                        

                                            Mobile malware, SMS grabbers                

    While the majority of existing mobile-focused malware aims to redirect SMS messages intended for out-of-band authentication processes, the continued expansion in mobile application exploits and endpoint infections leave the proliferating landscape of mobile devices disproportionately vulnerable for the foreseeable future. A variety of real-time methods should be utilized to identify at-risk devices – including those that have been jailbroken – in addition to incorporating additional protective measures, such as fully-transparent virtual keyboards, that can fully mitigate mobile keyloggers.                        

                                            Remote Access Trojans (RATs)                

    Consistent with the increasing use of tools being used to carry out highly-focused, real-time attacks, RATs enable attackers to assume full control of an infected device to acquire sensitive personal and enterprise information, as well as execute malicious transmissions and transactions on behalf of the compromised user. Several well-known, and widely-used remote access malware tools exist, which need to be considered as organizations assess and evolve their layered threats plan.                        

                                Automated Transactions                

    As part of your organization’s layered malware mitigation approach, the ability to discern between transactions carried out by a genuine user – versus those executed by malware or a bot – provides yet another run-time mechanism to more successfully mitigate fraud. And to ensure the optimal balance of user experience and security, genuine users can be allowed to carry out valid transactions, even if their device is infected, unless otherwise determined by corporate risk and fraud policy.                        


    With the age-old phishing attack, particularly spear-fishing, reinvigorated by the multitude of ways today’s unsuspecting victims can be lured to a fraudulent site – whether via mobile/SMS, social or business networks, online forums and communities, even digital advertising and search results – the manner in which phishing must be mitigated, has come a long way from simply post-attack shutdown. The opportunity to detect impending attacks, before going live, is being increasingly relied upon by organizations, particularly given the breadth of other, more sophisticated, threat vectors in critical need of being addressed.                        

                                            Social network fraud                

    Of the wide variety of social network scams and fraud in play today, the assumption of a false identity by attackers – whether through takeover of an existing user account, or creation of new accounts – puts further demands on organizations to extend their frame of vigilance.  From known fraud scams spanning every major social and business network -- including niche networks, providing attackers with additional "spear-like" opportunity -- the continued proliferation of mobile devices and APIs connecting data across a myriad of social and mobile platforms, only further elevates the potential for new social network engineering scams to take hold.                        

                                Man-in-the-Middle (MitM)                

    With many cybercriminals focusing on targeted, real-time MitM attacks, the need to identify and thwart malicious proxy servers, tampering of local host files, and DNS poisoning in real-time are critical to any organization’s layered malware protection strategy. Whether executed via a compromised public or private network, or via malware resident on the endpoint, MITM remains a perpetual threat to an increasingly-wide variety of organizations.                        

                                Fraudulent apps                

    Of the many hundreds of thousands of apps available on the market today, dozens of malicious applications have made their way through even the Android and Apple stores, let alone the many other avenues by which cybercriminals can market and disseminate such fraudulent goods.                        


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